Date & Time: 
August 5, 2017 - 7:30am
Meeting Place: 
1. Fry’s parking lot on Houghton at Rita Road at 7:30 AM 2. Gathering Grounds Cafe in Patagonia at 8:30 AM
Trip Leader: 
Fred Heath

Join Fred as he scouts some of the areas which he will cover on the NABA Patagonia Count two days later. As you know, this NABA count is almost always in the top three counts for species, and is known for recording many of the uncommon skippers unique to SE AZ. Don’t worry if you have skipper-phobia, there are lots of other gaudy butterflies to be found!

Trip Butterfly Reports: 

The day was sunny, hot, and humid. The group visited the Patagonia community Butterfly and Vegetable gardens, Red Mountain Road, the Harshaw Creek area, andfinished up at Paton's Hummingbird Haven. Species seen by the group:

  1. Pipevine Swallowtail                               Battus philenor
  2. Two-tailed Swallowtail                           Papilio multicaudata
  3. Cabbage White                                      Pieris rapae
  4. Southern Dogface                                 Colias cesonia
  5. Cloudless Sulphur                                 Phoebis sennae
  6. Mexican Yellow                                      Eurema mexicana
  7. Sleepy Orange                                      Eurema nicippe
  8. Dainty Sulphur                                       Nathalis iole
  9. Western Pygmy-Blue                             Brephidium exile
  10. Marine Blue                                           Leptotes marina
  11. Ceraunus Blue                                      Hemiargus ceraunus
  12. Gulf Fritillary                                          Agraulis vanillae
  13. Bordered Patch                                     Chlosyne lacinia
  14. Tiny Checkerspot                                  Dymasia dymas
  15. Elada Checkerspot                               Texola elada
  16. Pearl Crescent                                      Phyciodes tharos
  17. Painted Crescent                                  Phyciodes picta
  18. Painted Lady                                         Vanessa cardui
  19. Red Satyr                                              Megisto rubricata
  20. Monarch                                                Danaus plexippus
  21. Queen                                                   Danaus gilippus
  22. Golden-banded Skipper                        Autochton cellus
  23. Northern Cloudywing                            Thorybes pylades
  24. Drusius Cloudywing                              Thorybes drusius
  25. Acacia Skipper                                      Cogia hippalus
  26. Golden-headed Scallopwing                Staphylus ceos
  27. 'White' Common Checkered-Skipper   Pyrgu communis albescens
  28. Many-spotted Skipperling                     Piruna cingo
  29. Clouded Skipper                                   Lerema accius
  30. Fiery Skipper                                        Hylephila phyleus
  31. Pahaska Skipper                                  Hesperia pahaska
  32. Large Roadside-Skipper                      Amblyscirtes exoteria
  33. Texas Roadside-Skipper                      Amblyscirtes texanae



Leader email:

General Information

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