Butterflies Seen

February 3, 2018
Trip Butterfly Report:

We checked out the manzanitas at Molino Basin and later, at Gordon Hirabayashi campground.  Both areas were very dry, and the manzanita blooms were still pretty dormant.  They had not changed in size since my precheck two weeks ago.  The buckwheat by the roadside in Molino Basin was just beginning to leaf out.  Also the buds on the squawbush at the entrance to Gordon Hirabayashi campground still looked about two weeks or so from blooming.

We did not see any brown elfins.  All the group saw was four Pipevine Swallowtails and two Echo Azures.  But it was a nice day, lots of sunshine and warm weather, and we all enjoyed the time outside.  

We stopped at the Molino Basin Overlook on the way back for lunch and looked for butterflies, but it too was dry without any nectar sources.

The trip ended at 12:30 pm.

January 2, 2018
Trip Butterfly Report:

On an unseasonably warm day, we found 16 species nectering on the Museum grounds.

Pipevine Swallowtail  Battus philenor

Southern Dogface  Colias cesonia

Mexican Yellow  Eurema mexicana

Sleepy Orange  Abaeis nicippe

Dainty Sulphur   Nathalis iole

Great Purple Hairstreak  Atlides halesus

Leda Ministreak  Ministrymon leda

Marine Blue  Leptotes marina

Ceraunus Blue  Hemiargus ceraunus

Reakirt's Blue  Echinargus isola

American Snout  Libytheana carinenta

Queen  Danaus gilippus

Gulf Fritillary  Agraulis vanillae

Texan Crescent  Anthanassa texana

Painted Lady  Vanessa cardui

Funereal Duskywing  Erynnis funeralis

December 1, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

The trip began under cool, cloudy skies, but slowly warmed as the day progressed. We visited the Green Valley Gardeners' Cummunity Garden, Proctor Picnic Area, the picnic area at the end of Madera Canyon Road, and the Santa Rita Lodge. A few then revisited the CVG Community Garden, where two additional species were sighted. Although we found only 16 species, everyone enjoyed the last field trip of 2017. Not all participants saw all of the species listed.

Butterflies seen:

  1. Sleepy Orange                      Eurema nicippe (adults and caterpillars)
  2. Gray Hairstreak                    Strymon melinus
  3. Leda Ministreak                    Ministrymon leda
  4. Western Pygmy-Blue          Brephidium exile
  5. Ceraunus Blue                      Hemiargus ceraunus
  6. Reakirt’s Blue                        Hemiargus isola
  7. ‘Echo’ Spring Azure             Celastrina ladon
  8. Fatal Metalmark                   Calephelis nemesis
  9. Gulf Fritillary                         Agraulis vanilla (caterpillars & pupa only)
  10. Texan Crescent                     Phyciodes texana
  11. Painted Lady                         Vanessa cardui
  12. ‘Arizona’ California Sister   Adelpha bredowii
  13. Monarch                                Danaus plexippus
  14. Queen                                     Danaus gilippus
  15. Funereal Duskywing            Erynnis funeralis
  16. Fiery Skipper                         Hylephila phyleus

Birds Seen:

  1. Wild Turkey                              Meleagris        gallopavo
  2. Harris's Hawk                           Parabuteo       unicinctus
  3. Red-tailed Hawk                      Buteo               jamaicensis
  4. Rock Pigeon                              Columba          livia
  5. Mourning Dove                       Zenaida            macroura
  6. Inca Dove                                  Columbina       inca
  7. Anna's Hummingbird              Calypte             anna
  8. Hummingbird sp.                    female Blue-throated or Rivoli's (recently split from Magnificent)
  9. Acorn Woodpecker                 Melanerpes     formicivorus
  10. Red-naped Sapsucker             Sphyrapicus     nuchalis
  11. Arizona Woodpecker              Picoides           arizonae
  12. Mexican Jay                              Aphelocoma   wollweberi
  13. Common Raven                     Corvus         corax
  14. Bridled Titmouse                     Baeolophus     wollweberi
  15. White-breasted Nuthatch     Sitta                  carolinensis
  16. Curve-billed Thrasher             Toxostoma      curvirostre
  17. Orange-crowned Warbler     Oreothlypis     celata
  18. Canyon Towhee                       Melozone        fusca
  19. Rufous-winged Sparrow        Peucaea           carpalis
  20. Lincoln's Sparrow                    Melospiza        lincolnii
  21. White-crowned Sparrow       Zonotrichia      leucophrys
  22. Dark-eyed Junco                      Junco                hyemalis
  23. Western Tanager                    Piranga             ludoviciana
  24. House Finch                          Carpodacus      mexicanus
  25. Pine Siskin                                 Spinus               pinus
  26. Lesser Goldfinch                      Spinus               psaltria
  27. House Sparrow                     Passer             domesticus

Mammals seen:

  1. Botta's Pocket Gopher     Thomomys     bottae
  2. Arizona Gray Squirrel       Sciurus     arizonensis
November 1, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

Mary Klinkel led the group for a look at Garden Canyon on a perfect November day.  Thank you to our new and old friends from Sierra Vista for joining us!  Many butterflies were seen including some Chiricahua Whites, our hoped-for species. Butterflies seen:


  1. Chiricahua White                           Neophasia terlootii
  2. Southern Dogface                         Colias cesonia
  3. Cloudless Sulphur                          Phoebis sennae
  4. Mexican Yellow                             Eurema mexicana
  5. Tailed Orange                                 Eurema proterpia
  6. Sleepy Orange                                Eurema nicippe
  7. Dainty Sulphur                                Nathalis iole
  8. Reakirt’s Blue                                 Hemiargus isola
  9. ‘Echo’ Spring Azure                       Celastrina ladon
  10. Fatal Metalmark                            Calephelis nemesis
  11. Gulf Fritillary                                   Agraulis vanillae
  12. Variegated Fritillary                      Euptoieta claudia
  13. Texan Crescent                                Phyciodes texana
  14. California Tortoiseshell                  Nymphalis californica  (seen & photographed by only one member of the group)
  15. Mourning Cloak                              Nymphalis antiopa
  16. American Lady                                 Vanessa virginiensis
  17. Painted Lady                                    Vanessa cardui
  18. Red Admiral                                      Vanessa atalanta
  19. Common Buckeye                           Junonia coenia
  20. ‘Arizona’ California Sister              Adelpha bredowii
  21. Nabokov's Satyr                              Cyllopsis pyracmon
  22. Funereal Duskywing                       Erynnis funeralis
  23. White Checkered-Skipper              Pyrgus albescens
  24. Huachuca Giant-Skipper                Agathymus evansi
October 29, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

The first annual Bill Adams Memorial Rabbitbrush Trip began at the Patagonia Butterfly Garden October 29.  After brief stops at there and at the community garden, Paton Center, and the Post Office, attendees proceeded to Las Cienegas east of Sonoita to view butterflies on rabbitbrush, which was in full bloom.  The weather was sunny, with a moderate breeze that likely limited butterfly flight.  We made three stops within Las Cienegas and observed 31 species during the day.  One of the highlights of the day was to see a Boisduval’s Yellow, the first one seen on a SEABA trip to date in 2017. Butterflies seen:

  1. Pipevine Swallowtail                    Battus philenor
  2. Checkered White                          Pontia protodice
  3. Cabbage White                             Pieris rapae
  4. Southern Dogface                         Colias cesonia
  5. Cloudless Sulphur                         Phoebis sennae
  6. Boisduval's Yellow                        Eurema boisduvaliana
  7. Mexican Yellow                            Eurema mexicana
  8. Tailed Orange                               Eurema proterpia
  9. Sleepy Orange                              Eurema nicippe
  10. Great Purple Hairstreak               Atlides halesus
  11. Gray Hairstreak                            Strymon melinus
  12. Western Pygmy-Blue                    Brephidium exile
  13. Marine Blue                                  Leptotes marina
  14. Ceraunus Blue                              Hemiargus ceraunus
  15. Reakirt's Blue                                Hemiargus isola
  16. Acmon Blue                                  Plebejus Acmon texana
  17. Fatal Metalmark                           Calephelis nemesis
  18. American Snout                            Libytheana carinenta
  19. Gulf Fritillary                                 Agraulis vanillae
  20. Variegated Fritillary                      Euptoieta claudia
  21. Texan Crescent                             Phyciodes texana
  22. Painted Lady                                 Vanessa cardui
  23. West Coast Lady                           Vanessa annabella
  24. Common Buckeye                         Junonia coenia
  25. Red-spotted Purple                      Limenitis arthemis astyanax
  26. Monarch                                       Danaus plexippus
  27. Funereal Duskywing                     Erynnis funeralis
  28. Common Checkered-Skipper       Pyrgus communis
  29. Clouded Skipper                           Lerema accius
  30. Fiery Skipper                                 Hylephila phyleus
  31. Eufala Skipper                               Lerodea eufala
October 8, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:



Subfamily Papilioninae

Pipevine Swallowtail
Battus philenor

Two-tailed Swallowtail
Papilio multicaudata

Whites and Sulphurs   
Subfamily Pieridae

Pine White
Neophasia menapia

Southern Dogface
Colias cesonia

Mexican Yellow
Eurema mexicana

Tailed Orange
Eurema proterpia

Dainty Sulphur
Nathalis iole

Hairstreaks, Elfins, Blues
Family Lycaenidae

Colorado Hairstreak
Hypaurotis crysalus

Leda Ministreak
Ministrymon leda

Ceraunus Blue
Hemiargus ceraunus

Reakirt's Blue
Hemiargus isola

‘Echo’Spring Azure
Celastrina ladon

Family Riodinidae


Brushfooted Butterflies
 Family Nymphalidae

American Snout
Libytheana carinenta

Variegated Fritillary
Euptoieta claudia

Bordered Patch
Chlosyne lacinia

Texan Crescent
Phyciodes texana

Question Mark
Polygonia interrogationis

American Lady
Vanessa virginiensis

Painted Lady
Vanessa cardui

Common Buckeye
Junonia coenia

‘Dark’ Tropical Buckeye
Junonia genoveva nigrosuffusa

Red-spotted Purple
Limenitis arthemis astyanax

‘Arizona’ California Sister
Adelpha bredowii

Nabokov's Satyr
Cyllopsis pyracmon

Red-bordered Satyr
Gyrocheilus patrobas

Family Hesperiidae

Dull Firetip
Pyrrhopyge araxes

Dorantes Longtail
Urbanus dorantes

Funereal Duskywing
Erynnis funeralis

White Checkered-Skipper
Pyrgus albescens

White-barred Skipper
Atrytonopsis pittacus

Arizona Giant-Skipper
Agathymus aryxna

Huachuca Giant-Skipper
Agathymus evansi


August 30, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:
  1. Pipevine Swallowtail     Battus philenor
  2. Two-tailed Swallowtail Papilio multicaudata
  3. Orange Sulphur               Colias eurytheme
  4. Southern Dogface         Colias cesonia
  5. Cloudless Sulphur           Phoebis sennae
  6. Mexican Yellow              Eurema mexicana
  7. Tailed Orange                 Eurema proterpia
  8. Dainty Sulphur                Nathalis iole
  9. Siva' Juniper Hairstreak Callophrys gryneus siva
  10. Gray Hairstreak              Strymon melinus
  11. Leda Ministreak              Ministrymon leda
  12. Marine Blue                    Leptotes marina
  13. Ceraunus Blue                Hemiargus ceraunus
  14. Reakirt’s Blue                  Hemiargus isola
  15. ‘Echo’ Spring Azure       Celastrina ladon
  16. Acmon Blue                    Plebejus acmon texana
  17. Zela Metalmark              Emesis zela
  18. Palmer's Metalmark      Apodemia palmeri
  19. American Snout              Libytheana carinenta
  20. Variegated Fritillary       Euptoieta claudia
  21. Bordered Patch              Chlosyne lacinia
  22. Elada Checkerspot         Texola elada
  23. Texan Crescent               Phyciodes texana
  24. American Lady                Vanessa virginiensis
  25. Painted Lady                   Vanessa cardui
  26. Red-spotted Purple       Limenitis arthemis astyanax
  27. Nabokov's Satyr             Cyllopsis pyracmon
  28. Red Satyr                         Megisto rubricata
  29. Monarch                          Danaus plexippus
  30. Queen                               Danaus gilippus
  31. Desert Cloudywing        Achalarus casica
  32. Acacia Skipper                 Cogia hippalus
  33. Funereal Duskywing      Erynnis funeralis
  34. White Checkered-Skipper             Pyrgus albescens
  35. Orange Skipperling        Copaeodes aurantiacus
  36. Fiery Skipper                   Hylephila phyleus
August 20, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

Under partly cloudy skies, the group had a great hike down recently flood scoured Sycamore Canyon to the usual palisades lunch spot. Very good nectar between the parking lot and the "elf alcove." 47 species were seen by the group:

  1. Pipevine Swallowtail         Battus philenor
  2. Black Swallowtail               Papilio polyxenes
  3. Western Giant Swallowtail   Papilio rumiko
  4. Two-tailed Swallowtail     Papilio multicaudata
  5. Orange Sulphur                   Colias eurytheme
  6. Southern Dogface             Colias cesonia
  7. Cloudless Sulphur               Phoebis sennae
  8. Mexican Yellow                  Eurema mexicana
  9. Tailed Orange                     Eurema proterpia
  10. Sleepy Orange                    Eurema nicippe
  11. Dainty Sulphur                    Nathalis iole
  12. 'Siva' Juniper Hairstreak   Callophrys  gryneus siva
  13. Gray Hairstreak                   Strymon  melinus
  14. Marine Blue                         Leptotes marina
  15. Ceraunus Blue                     Hemiargus ceraunus
  16. Reakirt's Blue                      Hemiargus  isola
  17. Fatal Metalmark                 Calephelis  nemesis
  18. Arizona Metalmark            Calephelis  arizonensis
  19. Palmer's Metalmark          Apodemia  palmeri
  20. American Snout                  Libytheana carinenta
  21. Gulf Fritillary                        Agraulis  vanillae
  22. Variegated Fritillary           Euptoieta   claudia
  23. Bordered Patch                  Chlosyne   lacinia
  24. Tiny Checkerspot                Dymasia  dymas
  25. Elada Checkerspot             Texola  elada
  26. Texan Crescent                   Phyciodes  texana
  27. American Lady                    Vanessa virginiensis
  28. Painted Lady                       Vanessa cardui
  29. Red Admiral                         Vanessa atalanta
  30. Tropical Buckeye                Junonia  genoveva
  31. Red-spotted Purple            Limenitis arthemis astyanax
  32. Leafwing sp.                        Anaea  sp. (fly-by)
  33. Red Satyr                              Megisto  rubricata
  34. Monarch                               Danaus  plexippus
  35. Queen                                   Danaus   gilippus
  36. Dull Firetip                           Pyrrhopyge araxes
  37. Dorantes Longtail              Urbanus  dorantes
  38. Golden-banded Skipper    Autochton cellus
  39. Desert Cloudywing            Achalarus  casica
  40. Acacia Skipper                   Cogia  hippalus
  41. Mournful Duskywing         Erynnis  tristis
  42. Funereal Duskywing          Erynnis  funeralis
  43. Common Sootywing          Pholisora  catullus
  44. Many-spotted Skipperling   Piruna cingo
  45. Sheep Skipper                     Atrytonopsis  edwardsii
  46. Large Roadside-Skipper    Amblyscirtes exoteria
  47. Elissa Roadside-Skipper    Amblyscirtes  elissa
August 7, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

Butterflies counted:


Swallowtails                                   Papilionidae

Pipevine Swallowtail                    Battus philenor  48

Two-tailed Swallowtail                Papilio multicaudata  26

Whites and Sulphurs                   Pieridae

Checkered White                          Pontia protodice  1

Cabbage White                              Pieris rapae  6

Orange Sulphur                              Colias eurytheme  26

Southern Dogface                        Colias cesonia  10

Cloudless Sulphur                          Phoebis sennae  217

Mexican Yellow                             Eurema Mexicana  68

Sleepy Orange                               Eurema nicippe  27

Dainty Sulphur                               Nathalis iole  20

Hairstreaks, Elfins, Blues            Lycaenidae

Siva' Juniper Hairstreak               Callophrys gryneus siva  3

Gray Hairstreak                             Strymon melinus  1

Leda Ministreak                             Ministrymon leda  1

Arizona Hairstreak                        Erora quaderna  6

Western Pygmy-Blue                   Brephidium exile  4

Marine Blue                                   Leptotes marina  68

Ceraunus Blue                               Hemiargus ceraunus  18

Reakirt’s Blue                                 Hemiargus isola  9

Metalmarks                                   Riodinidae

Fatal Metalmark                            Calephelis nemesis  13

Zela Metalmark                             Emesis zela  9

Palmer's Metalmark                     Apodemia palmeri  3

Snout Butterflies                          Libytheidae

American Snout                             Libytheana carinenta  31

Brush-Footed Butterflies            Nymphalidae

Variegated Fritillary                      Euptoieta Claudia  9

Gulf Fritillary                                  Agraulis vanilla 12

Theona Checkerspot                    Chlosyne theona  25

Bordered Patch                             Chlosyne lacinia  153

Elf                                                     Microtia elva  1

Tiny Checkerspot                          Dymasia dymas  316

Elada Checkerspot                        Texola elada  90

Texan Crescent                              Phyciodes texana  3

Pearl Crescent                               Phyciodes tharos  5

Mexican Crescent                         Phyciodes pallescens

Painted Crescent                           Phyciodes picta  9

Painted Lady                                  Vanessa cardui  96

West Coast Lady                           Vanessa annabella

Red Admiral                                    Vanessa atalanta  1

Common Buckeye                         Junonia coenia  11

‘Dark’ Tropical Buckeye               J.genoveva nigrosuffusa  8

Red-spotted Purple                      Limenitis arthemis astyanax  1

Viceroy                                            Limenitis archippus  5

‘Arizona’ California Sister            Adelpha bredowii  3

Hackberry Emperor                      Asterocampa celtis  2

Empress Leilia                                Asterocampa leilia  4

Red Satyr                                        Megisto rubricate  3

Monarch                                         Danaus plexippus  4

Queen                                              Danaus gilippus  23

Skippers                                          Hesperiidae

Dull Firetip                                      Pyrrhopyge araxes   9

Arizona Skipper                             Codatractus arizonensis  15

Valeriana Skipper                         Codatractus mysie  1

Golden-banded Skipper               Autochton cellus  70

Desert Cloudywing                       Achalarus casica  3

Northern Cloudywing                  Thorybes pylades  92

Drusius Cloudywing                      Thorybes drusius  16

Acacia Skipper                                Cogia hippalus  100

Gold-costa Skipper                        Cogia caicus  1

Golden-headed Scallopwing      Staphylus ceos  8

Arizona Powdered-Skipper         Systasea zampa  1

Mournful Duskywing                    Erynnis tristis  1

Funereal Duskywing                     Erynnis funeralis  16

Checkered-Skipper sp.                Pyrgus communis/albescens 17

Desert Checkered-Skipper          Pyrgus philetas  1

Common Streaky-Skipper            Celotes nessus  3

Common Sootywing                     Pholisora Catullus  14

Many-spotted Skipperling           Piruna cingo  58

Orange Skipperling                       Copaeodes aurantiacus  2

Fiery Skipper                                  Hylephila phyleus  13

Pahaska Skipper                            Hesperia Pahaska  1

Moon-marked Skipper                 Atrytonopsis lunus  8

Viereck's Skipper                           Atrytonopsis vierecki

Large Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes exoteria  5

Cassus Roadside-Skipper             Amblyscirtes cassus  3

Bronze Roadside-Skipper            Amblyscirtes aenus  21

Elissa Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes elissa  26

Texas Roadside-Skipper               Amblyscirtes texanae  6

Toltec Roadside-Skipper              Amblyscirtes tolteca  3

Slaty Roadside-Skipper                Amblyscirtes Nereus  1

Nysa Roadside-Skipper                Amblyscirtes nysa  13

Dotted Roadside-Skipper            Amblyscirtes eos  26  

Eufala Skipper                                Lerodea eufala  1


August 5, 2017
Trip Butterfly Report:

The day was sunny, hot, and humid. The group visited the Patagonia community Butterfly and Vegetable gardens, Red Mountain Road, the Harshaw Creek area, andfinished up at Paton's Hummingbird Haven. Species seen by the group:

  1. Pipevine Swallowtail                               Battus philenor
  2. Two-tailed Swallowtail                           Papilio multicaudata
  3. Cabbage White                                      Pieris rapae
  4. Southern Dogface                                 Colias cesonia
  5. Cloudless Sulphur                                 Phoebis sennae
  6. Mexican Yellow                                      Eurema mexicana
  7. Sleepy Orange                                      Eurema nicippe
  8. Dainty Sulphur                                       Nathalis iole
  9. Western Pygmy-Blue                             Brephidium exile
  10. Marine Blue                                           Leptotes marina
  11. Ceraunus Blue                                      Hemiargus ceraunus
  12. Gulf Fritillary                                          Agraulis vanillae
  13. Bordered Patch                                     Chlosyne lacinia
  14. Tiny Checkerspot                                  Dymasia dymas
  15. Elada Checkerspot                               Texola elada
  16. Pearl Crescent                                      Phyciodes tharos
  17. Painted Crescent                                  Phyciodes picta
  18. Painted Lady                                         Vanessa cardui
  19. Red Satyr                                              Megisto rubricata
  20. Monarch                                                Danaus plexippus
  21. Queen                                                   Danaus gilippus
  22. Golden-banded Skipper                        Autochton cellus
  23. Northern Cloudywing                            Thorybes pylades
  24. Drusius Cloudywing                              Thorybes drusius
  25. Acacia Skipper                                      Cogia hippalus
  26. Golden-headed Scallopwing                Staphylus ceos
  27. 'White' Common Checkered-Skipper   Pyrgu communis albescens
  28. Many-spotted Skipperling                     Piruna cingo
  29. Clouded Skipper                                   Lerema accius
  30. Fiery Skipper                                        Hylephila phyleus
  31. Pahaska Skipper                                  Hesperia pahaska
  32. Large Roadside-Skipper                      Amblyscirtes exoteria
  33. Texas Roadside-Skipper                      Amblyscirtes texanae