Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA) Mission

SEABA was founded in 1999 to advocate for butterflies and their habitats through conservation, education and recreation.

Who We Are

We're a relaxed group of fun-loving butterfly and nature enthusiasts, fortunate to live in one of the prime butterflying locales in the USA. You are welcome to join us whether you are new to butterflies or a butterfly expert. Our members have all levels of knowledge and experience, from beginners to advanced. We engage in butterfly gardening, identification, photography, outreach to local schools and the public, and conservation.

SEABA is a local chapter of NABA, the North American Butterfly Association. NABA is a non-profit organization formed to promote non-consumptive, recreational butterflying and to increase enjoyment, knowledge and conservation of butterflies.

What We Do

We hold monthly meetings, January through May and September through November. We have organized field trips and members often participate in local NABA butterfly counts. We also share butterfly-related information at local events.

Why Butterfly?

From Giant Swallowtails with four-inch wingspans and caterpillars that look like crawling bird droppings to teeny, bejewelled Western Pygmy-Blues and beyond, butterflies with their variety of colors, forms and life stages can dazzle, delight and puzzle us. Butterflies are fair-weather creatures that can be enjoyed year ‘round in southeast Arizona with others or by oneself; we only need to open our eyes and look around. Our region is a butterflier’s mecca; there are 270 species on our local check list. And, using close focus binoculars or modern compact cameras with zoom capability, you do not need to kill them to enjoy their intricate beauty. Join SEABA! Join our adventure!