Catalina Hairstreaks

Date & Time: 
June 2, 2017 -
7:30am to 4:00pm
Meeting Place: 
McDonald’s/Safeway parking lot at Tanque Verde & Catalina Highway
Trip Leader: 
Mary Klinkel

We’ll meet at 7:30am at McDonald’s/Safeway parking lot at Tanque Verde & Catalina Highway to carpool up the mountains to about 7000’ elevation to look for Colorado Hairstreaks, Thicket Hairstreaks, AZ Hairstreaks and other beauties.  Plan on all day in the field or leave when you need to.

Trip Butterfly Reports: 

The buckbrush (ceanothus fendleri) on Incinerator Ridge was just beginning to bloom. After spending about 3 hours searching searching for hairsteraks, half of the group continued up the mountain and walked up Turkey Run in Summerhaven. The other half of the group searched the buckbrush along the highway as they headed back down the mountain. The roup found 27 species, including at least one individual from each major butterfly family. Species seen:


Pipevine Swallowtail             Battus philenor

Two-tailed Swallowtail         Papilio multicaudata

Checkered White                   Pontia protodice

Cabbage White                       Pieris rapae

Southern Dogface                 Colias cesonia     

Mexican Yellow                      Eurema  Mexicana

Sleepy Orange                        Eurema  nicippe

Dainty Sulphur                        Nathalis iole

Great Purple Hairstreak       Atlides halesus

Gray Hairstreak                      Strymon melinus

Arizona Hairstreak                 Erora  quaderna

Marine Blue                            Leptotes marina

Reakirt's Blue                          Hemiargus isola

'Echo' Spring Azure                Celastrina ladon echo

Nais Metalmark                      Apodemia nais

Black Checkerspot                 Thessalia cyneas

Texan Crescent                       Phyciodes texana

Mylitta Crescent                    Phyciodes mylitta

Satyr Comma                          Polygonia satyrus

Mourning Cloak                     Nymphalis antiopa

Painted Lady                           Vanessa cardui

Arizona Sister                          Adelpha eulalia

Nabokov's Satyr                     Cyllopsis pyracmon

Queen                                       Danaus gilippus

Silver-spotted Skipper           Epargyreus clarus

Northern Cloudywing           Thorybes pylades

Pacuvius Duskywing              Erynnis pacuvius


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General Information

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