Bill Adams Memorial Trip - Harshaw Creek Wash - Rabbitbrush

Date & Time: 
October 29, 2017 -
7:45am to 2:30pm
Trip Leader: 
Larry Fellows
Special Notes: 
Meeting places and time: 1. 7:45AM - Fry's parking lot located at 8080 S. Houghton on the corner of S. Houghton & Rita Road. Please arrive on time in order to sign the SEABA waiver form and to run personal errands so that we can leave right at 8:00 am. 2.9:15AM - Patagonia Butterfly Garden in Patagonia across the street from Red Mountain Foods at 347 McKeown Ave, Patagonia. Boisduval's Yellow photo © Larry Fellows

The rabbitbrush field trip Sunday October 29 in memory of Bill Adams.  Bill and Mary did a fabulous job as trip leaders.  The last trip they led was to the rabbitbrush on Harshaw Creek October 29, 2016 – one year to the day from when this year’s trip will be. Bill was a dedicated butterflyer, a committed SEABA member, a successful businessman, and a gentleman.  He used his extensive business experience to help guide SEABA.  We’re fortunate to have had Bill as a member.

This annual fun and exciting SEABA trip generally produces many species in a small and easily accessible area. The Rabbitbrush is now blooming in Harshaw Creek down near Hale ranch. We expect a fun day and multiple species of butterflies such as all three Ladies, various Skippers, Monarchs, Queens, Gulf Fritillary, Variegated Fritillary, Common and Tropical Buckeye and many other species including the possibility of one or two tropical strays.

We will make a short stop at the Patagonia Gardens in town and then proceed to Hale Ranch about a mile past the Harshaw Creek Rabbitbrush site we used to visit. This site got scoured with a flood during the monsoons and the plants are not blooming, but blooms are occurring further down the road, and blooms are also reported down the Empire Ranch road. Watch your email for a last minute update in the order of this trip, depending on scouting results.

Type of terrain: We will be walking in several wash/creek beds on semi-level but uneven terrain. It is very brushy and long pants are advised due to stickers etc.

For information please contact: Larry fellows at:

Things to remember: Beginners are welcome on all field trips. A donation of $5 per person to benefit SEABA will be appreciated. Carpooling from the meeting site is encouraged, and it is kind to share gas expenses. Dress for the field with sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant; bring water, snacks, lunch, close-focus binoculars, camera, and field guides. Trips usually end mid-afternoon unless noted differently above. Please remember that no collecting is allowed on SEABA field trips.

Trip Butterfly Reports: 

The first annual Bill Adams Memorial Rabbitbrush Trip began at the Patagonia Butterfly Garden October 29.  After brief stops at there and at the community garden, Paton Center, and the Post Office, attendees proceeded to Las Cienegas east of Sonoita to view butterflies on rabbitbrush, which was in full bloom.  The weather was sunny, with a moderate breeze that likely limited butterfly flight.  We made three stops within Las Cienegas and observed 31 species during the day.  One of the highlights of the day was to see a Boisduval’s Yellow, the first one seen on a SEABA trip to date in 2017. Butterflies seen:

  1. Pipevine Swallowtail                    Battus philenor
  2. Checkered White                          Pontia protodice
  3. Cabbage White                             Pieris rapae
  4. Southern Dogface                         Colias cesonia
  5. Cloudless Sulphur                         Phoebis sennae
  6. Boisduval's Yellow                        Eurema boisduvaliana
  7. Mexican Yellow                            Eurema mexicana
  8. Tailed Orange                               Eurema proterpia
  9. Sleepy Orange                              Eurema nicippe
  10. Great Purple Hairstreak               Atlides halesus
  11. Gray Hairstreak                            Strymon melinus
  12. Western Pygmy-Blue                    Brephidium exile
  13. Marine Blue                                  Leptotes marina
  14. Ceraunus Blue                              Hemiargus ceraunus
  15. Reakirt's Blue                                Hemiargus isola
  16. Acmon Blue                                  Plebejus Acmon texana
  17. Fatal Metalmark                           Calephelis nemesis
  18. American Snout                            Libytheana carinenta
  19. Gulf Fritillary                                 Agraulis vanillae
  20. Variegated Fritillary                      Euptoieta claudia
  21. Texan Crescent                             Phyciodes texana
  22. Painted Lady                                 Vanessa cardui
  23. West Coast Lady                           Vanessa annabella
  24. Common Buckeye                         Junonia coenia
  25. Red-spotted Purple                      Limenitis arthemis astyanax
  26. Monarch                                       Danaus plexippus
  27. Funereal Duskywing                     Erynnis funeralis
  28. Common Checkered-Skipper       Pyrgus communis
  29. Clouded Skipper                           Lerema accius
  30. Fiery Skipper                                 Hylephila phyleus
  31. Eufala Skipper                               Lerodea eufala
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General Information

Beginners are welcome on all field trips! Experienced members will share their butterfly knowledge and expertise with all field trip participants. Children accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome on SEABA field trips. A donation of $5 per person to benefit SEABA will be appreciated. Carpooling from the meeting place is encouraged and it is kind to share gas expenses. If high clearance vehicles are required for a trip, it will be noted in individual trip descriptions. Dress for the field with sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Bring your own water, snacks, and lunch. Close-focusing binoculars, cameras, and field guides will be helpful aids for butterfly observation and identification. Trips usually end by mid-afternoon unless noted differently in individual trip descriptions.

Please be aware that:

1. Collecting or netting is NOT allowed on SEABA field trips.

2. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are NOT allowed on SEABA field trips.

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    5. Field trips may be cancelled or rescheduled on short notice due to changing weather or road conditions. Please check the website for updates prior to the Field Trip.


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