SEABA Meeting: February 27, 2018

Date & Time: 
February 27, 2018 - 7:00pm
Lutheran Church of the Foothills
Amazing arachnids in southern Arizona
Jillian Cowles

Arachnids are full of surprises. Scorpions kiss and dance, spitting spiders squirt silk and glue, and vinegaroons spray almost pure acetic acid from their rear ends. Giant desert velvet mites obtain enough calories in two hours to last them for over a year. Southern Arizona is home to a rich diversity of amazing arachnids. Among their ranks are the tough, the resourceful, the beautiful, and the dangerous. Getting to know these small neighbors which share our planet is immensely rewarding and never dull. Welcome to the world of arachnids!


Phidipus sp. (spider) photo by Jillian Cowles